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Public Relations Plan for Housing Development

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I have created a PR plan for a fictitious brand new housing development with multiple issues that have been reported by disgruntled tenants. This development, less than one year old, has its first occupants living in the apartments. The price per bedroom (for a four bedroom apartment) is $600. While this includes a private bathroom for each occupant, the bedrooms are still small, and with the added maintenance complaints, it is arguably not worth living there. On top of the $600/month, resigning a lease for the following year, will cost an additional $100 for “activities fees” and new leasers will have to pay $200.

Issues reported by tenants include:

-Mold in windows (bedrooms & common area)
-Cold rooms because the spray applied on the mold by maintenance men ate away the paint, calking, and drywall around windows
-Maintenance men tearing down curtains when coming in to clean windows
-Damages on walls, doors, floors upon move-in
-Cheap paint allowing smudges upon any touch
-Lack of light bulbs upon move-in
-Cheap fake wood floor easily torn, some upon move-in
-Poor customer service at office
-Water in apartments periodically not working
-Nails in walls & ceilings showing
-Water stains in ceiling
-Limited guest parking
-Apartment numbers stolen
-Not following federally regulated issuing of addresses for apartment buildings, and coming up with their own addresses for occupants, leaving them unusable. This led to lack of mail for weeks, public humiliation at the post office’s judgment, and lack of safety for occupants because the apartments could not be found by GPS, and 911 would not work in case of fire or emergency.

Because it would be in the best interest of the apartment complex to keep tenants at all costs, I would advise the following:

-Hire a public relations professional who specializes in crisis coverage
-Acknowledge mold in some of the apartments, ask other tenants if they have mold. If they do: clean mold, replace window & calking, offer to pay medical bills, remove additional $100 to live there the following year.
-Lower monthly prices or state that remodels will be made for all problems if price remains
-Build more parking
-Fix damaged roof