50 things before 25 | 18


The next item on my 50 things before 25 list I’m able to cross off is number 18: volunteering. However, in doing so, I feel like I’m only physically crossing it off my list, while I will be continuing to find ways of helping after my experience. 

Along my track of not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I thought teaching English could be for me. It was the one subject I always loved in school, I could obtain a job doing it potentially anywhere in the world, and well, why not? While I later understood my why nots of teaching, I remained on a few emailing lists for volunteer teaching days. 

I received an email about a month ago stating the St. Louis area chapter of Junior Achievement needed a few spots to be filled for a nearby elementary school. I jumped at the chance to spend a day teaching a class of kindergarteners the importance of money, education, and sharing. While in the classroom, I read the students several stories and lead class activities provided by Junior Achievement. 

While I had volunteers come to my classes when I was in elementary school, I didn’t recognize at the time how important their teachings were for my and my classmate’s growth. It’s important to implement the value in education at a young age to cement the potential for students’ success. From this experience, I’m hoping to seek out more volunteer opportunities in the area. 


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