50 things before 25 | 08

It is my plan to continue blogging even after this semester and class ends. This blog may not continue in the same format or under the same name, but I think having an online portfolio of ideas and writing is invaluable, especially in today’s job market.

Going All In

To do this, I needed a camera to document my writings, using original material. I’ve always been interested in photography, taking a class in high school, borrowing others’ cameras when possible, and dabbling in photo editing and modeling. I just never thought I have the skill set to need a nice camera, so I didn’t consider investing in one.

However, I recently told my mom about this list that I’m trying to accomplish and that I’m planning on saving up to purchase a camera of my own, and she offered me hers! I couldn’t believe it. I had borrowed her camera during my time studying abroad in London last summer, and it was everything I wanted out of a camera.

I will edit this post soon, to include an image with, or of, the camera. I’m so happy to have already checked one of the items off my 50!



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