Preseli Venture: The Ultimate Experience

Photo: Courtesy of Kailan Harms

Photo: Courtesy of Kailan Harms

When arriving by train at Fishguard, you will be greeted by a friendly face, and a large van in which you will be helped to load your bags into. Once seated and secure, you will be driven along winding roads wide enough only to allow one car at a time. When meeting others traveling in the opposite direction, one of the two cars are forced to drive backwards, until coming to a driveway or other road, in order to get out of the way. The realm of this country area is truly a magical scene: grass as tall as corn stocks hug the sides of the narrow roads, making a solely lush green window-scape.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Fink

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Fink

Preseli Ventures, nestled in Britain’s only national park, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, is the ultimate travel accommodation. This twenty-five year-old adventure destination is the perfect place for a week, or weekend, spent in Wales.

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Aeschliman

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Aeschliman

I participated in a weekend trip at Preseli Ventures aimed at study abroad students. Upon arriving at the five star lodging, we were shown our beds, showers, and common area. The common area included tables for eating, a fully-stocked bar, stereo system, pool table, and television. The common area is the only place in the entire area with wifi or service of any kind, placing you in a world away from distractions.

While there, I went coasteering, cliff jumping, kayaking, and hiking along the coast (shown in last picture) with some great friends that I met while studying abroad at Richmond, the American International University in London, England. I held multiple jellyfish in my hands, swam past a seal lounging on a wooden door, ate incredible homemade food, and felt completely alive and in the moment. If you ever get the chance, go.


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